1L Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90

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You are buying the ORIGINAL SHELL OIL rebottled into one of our bottles

This oil is purchased in bulk from one of Shell's authorised distributors. We decant the oil into bottles ourselves for sale in smaller quantities. The plastic bottle, cap and label are not original Shell items. The original Shell batch numbers are included on the label to provide traceability to the manufacturing batch


Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 is a premium performance, synthetic technology, GL-4/5 Axle oil for sports cars.

Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 is particularly designed to fulfil the highest requirements of extremely loaded passenger car drive train systems.

Transaxle Transmissions

Heavily loaded "transaxle" transmission where hypoid axle and gearbox are in the same housing and lubricated by the same product. Particularly in sport passenger car drive train systems.

Automotive Transmissions

Heavily loaded axle drives, synchronised and non-synchronised gearboxes.

Previous Names/Substitutions

  • Shell Transaxle Oil 75W-90


  • Ferrari
  • Getrag
  • Mercedes Benz MB 236.26
  • API Service Classification : GL-4 GL-5 MT-1

Please check your owners handbook for the correct oil specified and ensure you are buying the correct grade of oil for your vehicle.

If your owners handbook specifies a grade of oil that you are finding it difficult to get, then please do get in touch, as I may be able to source it and add it to my stock list.

More Information
Volume1 Litre
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Density (kg/m3)879
Base Oil TypeFully Synthetic
ViscositySAE 75W-90 (Gear)
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